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HI MAESTRO Conservatory

"HI MAESTRO Conservatory" is an online school for music theory Co-Founded by Wang Leyou, offering classes on harmony, counterpoint, form, orchestration, and work analysis. The school has already served hundreds of students, many of whom have secured a place to study in conservatories. The course offered here is a continuation and in-depth expansion of the popular web series on music theory, "To Hell with Music".

Information & Enrollment (Scan using WeChat):

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*Currently the courses are offered in Chinese Only.

Courses Offered


Boot Camp: Music Fundamentals

  • Fundamentals I

  • Fundamentals II

  • Harmony Basics


To Hell with Orchestration

  • Score Reading/Reduction

  • Orchestration/Arrangement

  • The Art of Textures


To Hell with Form Studies

  • Sonatas

  • Variations

  • Beethoven: Symphony No. 5 & No. 9


To Hell with Harmony

  • Beginner (Classical)

  • Intermediate (Early Romantic)

  • Advanced (Late Romantic and early 20th Century)

  • Figured Bass and Baroque Harmony

  • The Art of Part Writing


To Hell with Counterpoint

  • Fugue Analysis

  • Fugue Composition

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